Manuscripts and Calligraphy

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Here is a link to a six-minute video by the J. Paul Getty Museum about making manuscripts. If you have ever wondered how parchment was prepared, quill-making, ink, calligraphy, illumination and book-binding, it is well worth your time.

I have a poor hand for writing or drawing, but I admire those who are talented and skillful in these areas.  It has been my privilege and pleasure to watch calligraphers from the Society of Scribes and The Washington Calligraphers Guild as they write letters in various forms and sizes.  I have often thought they must be in a meditative state of mind to create with such a beautiful flow and perfect precision. I know it is meditative for me to watch the strokes create words and decorative patterns.

If you have a yen to try calligraphy but haven’t done so yet, please send an email to with calligraphy in the subject line.  I’ll be in touch about sending you a few nibs, holder and ink to get you started.

Our friend Gentian from the blog Drawing with a Squirrel penned the above with a 3mm Brause nib.



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