Is Nessie Gone?

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Gary Campbell, who lives in Inverness, Scotland, near Loch Ness, has  been keeping a log of every Nessie sighting that has occurred in the last 1,500 years. No one has reported seeing Nessie in over a year, and Mr Campbell is concerned that something has happened to her.

In an interview with the BBC he said:  “It’s very upsetting news and we don’t know where she’s gone. The number of sightings has been reducing since the turn of the century, but this is the first time in 90 years that Nessie wasn’t seen at all.”

St. Adamnan, the biographer of St. Columba, recorded an encounter with the Loch Ness Monster in 565 A.D.  Since then there have been sightings on land as well as the water.  You can read about them all on The Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club website.

What do you think?  Is Nessie gone?



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