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So, did you survive the snowpocalypse? I’ll admit I found it more challenging than I expected to keep up with… all that… shoveling… and phew! There’s now a small mountain next to my car, and I haven’t even done the front walk.

Most of my reading this week was confined to weather updates, but here are some other things I found interesting:

  • Stressed out? Louis Menand’s New Yorker piece about anxiety — a review of Scott Stossel’s My Age of Anxiety — is well worth reading, if you didn’t catch it a few weeks ago.
  • Distracted? Here’s a short, thoughtful essay on the perils of the so-called “quantified life” in which we monitor all our experiences, but don’t ever pause to, you know, experience them.
  • Procrastinating? Let me guess: you’re a writer. And you were too good in English class.

Back to our regularly scheduled shoveling…

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