Writing Wednesdays: What’s your best time of day for writing?

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In college, I assumed that writing happened at night, since that’s when we weren’t in class, and anyway didn’t the writers we studied work then?

I aged early, however, and by graduate school, I realized that I’m just more lucid in the mornings, and less likely to forgive myself for being too tired or underinspired.

I still keep an early schedule — with a small child, I have no choice — but my mornings now are most emphatically for family time, and I’m no longer going straight from my bed to my desk, like I did before. So I’ve been experimenting with writing at night… not late at night, as I did before (I could barely make it to 11:00 on a low-key New Year’s Eve with fellow parents), but in the few quiet hours after my son goes to bed. It’s an uneven time, but it seems like a decent compromise given the constraints.

What’s your best time of day for writing?

4 thoughts on “Writing Wednesdays: What’s your best time of day for writing?

  1. I KNOW that my best writing is at night…I’ve seen some of the dribble I’ve polluted my pen & paper with during my AM endeavors. It’s a crime to the Queen’s English…So, knowing this; I save the daylight hours for practicing my penmanship with said dribble, refill or clean any pens as needed and organize my files. A daily chore in itself. This makes it seem I have no life outside of writing. Not true, but this is an addictive hobby and I can think of some WAY worse than the ART of EXPRESSION…God luck and regards, LeRoy

  2. Early morning is best for me — the earlier the better, within reason. During NaNoWriMo I get up an extra hour before my normal wake time just to get some drafting in. For editing, it’s the same story. I’m just fresher in the morning than I am in the evening, especially with work and kids and life in general.

    Of course, I’d /prefer/ to sleep in, but if there’s writing to be done, it’s a morning thing for me.

  3. I do my best writing from about 9-11 in the mornings. This is when I’m most inspired, focused and energetic.

    In college I used to stay up all night to write papers and it worked for me back then, but with a young family and other obligations I have to get a decent night’s sleep (relatively) so I can keep going.

  4. I have two main times for writing — the first is when I really WANT to write but unfortunately can’t due to work, and that’s usually afternoon from around 2pm to 5 or 6pm. I get a real urge to write at this time, and my brain is usually racing around trying to plot things but I get frustrated because I just can’t stop and write it all down.

    The second is late evening/night, from around 9pm to 2am. I can write then, and often do end up writing a good bit, but because of the late hour it makes things like daily wordcounts look odd when I have to break in the middle of it. While trying Nanowrimo this past year, I’d stop writing to count (I write by hand, so I’d need time to hand count and add up my words), and constantly miss then midnight deadline for that day by one minute…

    I think what this all says is that I’m too undisciplined as a writer. Good thing it’s a hobby and not my job! 😀

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