Writing Wednesdays: On ebooks

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You may have noticed that we’ve added a snap poll feature to the right column of this website, asking, in this case, about New Year’s resolutions.

A couple weeks ago, we asked whether people have switched from paper to ebooks. I suspect the readers of this blog — many of them paper enthusiasts — skew towards paper books, too. But I was still interested to note that only 24% of you said yes, you’ve made the switch.

The biggest chunk (34%) have, like me, switched partially. Though I initially thought I’d love reading Tolstoy in electronic form rather than lugging around a big book, I now prefer to use ebooks for the titles that I am reading mostly for practical, and not emotional, spiritual, and intellectual sustenance. I’ve read books on baby sleep, toddler tantrums, and work-related topics on my iPad. But aside from some Sherlock Holmes titles that I read as a child and enjoy returning to now and then, I have not pushed forward with any ebook classics, whether old or new.

In case you’re curious, of our pollees, 10% were thinking about switching, while 15% each said “no” and “never.”

2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesdays: On ebooks

  1. I missed the poll, but I went 95% eBook 10 years ago. 13 moves in 8 years with as many as 22 boxes of books turned me off to the idea of owning my own physical library.

    So now I use the public library for ebooks AND physical books, and since it’s very easy to choose a library e-book whenever I want, I tend do that first.

    We’re not totally bookless at home – but nearly all the books in my house are children’s books.

  2. Last January I started reading an unabridged edition of Les Miserables. I have both a paper copy that I read at home with a cup of tea, and an e-copy that I read on my iPad when I’m out and about. Even with two different formats of the same edition, most of the book remains to be read, but I definitely prefer the paper copy with the tea!

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