Vintage QV logos

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photo 2

As I’ve mentioned before, our logo is not just a stylized Q but an “eye” that represents the ability our planners give people to see an entire week at one glance.

That was certainly also true of the logo above, which dates back to 1972 in France and 1980 in the US. In fact, it seems to have been a theme throughout all our logos, if I’m correct in my interpretation of the grainy images Karen dug up recently. Unless that weird ringed orbital image is a planet or a stylized compass rose?

Here is the first Quo Vadis logo, registered in France circa 1956 and 1963 in the US.


And here is the second logo, registered on the same dates, but with different words and font surrounding the Q.


The third logo is the one at the top of this post, and the fourth and most recent, of course, is the one at the top of this page.

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