Time Management Mondays: Silver linings

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My 6-month-old Apple laptop was stolen last week — right off of my desk in a shared office space in midtown. Put mildly, this was no fun, and though I lost no personal files or data (thank you, cloud computing), I’m not too optimistic about my chances of getting it back, in spite of the as-yet unreviewed security footage.

An expensive lesson, you might call it. And though I don’t like to sound Pollyanna-ish, it’s also had, over the course of the past few days, a very unexpected upside. Normally, I come downstairs after I put my son to bed, and I open up my laptop to check email. Then I start to potter around the Internet because hey, there it is, and before I think to check the time it’s late (or late for the parent of a child who gets up at 6:00), and I’m tired, and I haven’t even done the dishes.

Now I go downstairs, check my email on my phone, and select something to do or read that will only take me a half an hour to finish. Then I do the dishes and have some “bonus time” to work or read some more.

I will eventually need a new laptop, but I hope to keep these habits.

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