Time management Mondays: Chore-spondence

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I’m a big fan of the New York Times magazine’s “That Should be a Word” column. A couple weeks ago, I found a word that describes my inbox perfectly: chorespondence.

(CHORE-es-PON-denz), n. Mail you don’t want to deal with. “Between her sorority sisters’ e-update and a D.M.V. renewal, Geraldine was overcome with choresspondence.”

I always think I’ll handle my chorespondence at night, once my son goes to bed. But I can never seem to get through as much of it as I think I will. In my experience, it helps to sit at a desk or table rather than on a couch — something about the posture helps keep me focused — but with a one-and-a-half-year-old, couches at the end of the day are very hard to resist.

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