Subway Platform Notebook

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I found an abandoned notebook on the Seventh Avenue Express subway platform at Penn Station. There were few people, since it was pretty early in the morning.

I looked around to see if anyone dropped it, but it appeared to be abandoned.  Being a big fan of chancing upon mysterious notebooks, I tucked it into my bag and went to work.

The pages in the notebook are mostly filled with a fairly legible ballpoint that writes “I tooll your male” over and over again.  Sometimes in the ruled lines, but often not.

There are other notations throughout the notebook—federal court, food, liquor, police, numbers, crimes, and other random and weird mental jots.  The title on the cover of the notebook doesn’t appear to have an connection to the rambling inside. notebook cover

I had wondered it someone on some very heavy medication was trying to keep a diary. Or was it some random rap for a song?  Or was it some weird coded message made to look like some nut’s notebook? Or, was it a person with a mental state in the outlands somewhere writing down the images swirling in their head?

Anyway, if any of you would be interested in the notebook for a story; or if you think you can crack the mystery, let me know.





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