Old dog, new tricks: Life Noted

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So, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve had Life Noted, our calendar app, on my iPhone for more than a month before I started exploring it. Does this mean I’m officially old? I have my paper planner, after all, and when I use a digital calendar I’m usually at my desk (where I want an alert to pop up in case I’m too deep in another task to notice the time), or else setting up some mundane reminder to set out the trash or recycling.

However, the idea sounds great: a digital calendar that lets me append notes to each day (like my paper planner does), add searchable tags and photos (like my paper planner doesn’t), and navigate easily between daily, weekly, and monthly views? There’s a lot of promise, if only I could get over the hurdle of actually changing my habits. In fact, it seems to me like Life Noted is best used as a sort of digital diary — I’m no expert on the other apps that are available for this purpose, but the ability to link photos, notes, and a calendar all together in a searchable format seems like it’s tailor-made for people who keep most of their pictures on their phone, not on Facebook.

Plus, it already sync with the calendars on my computer, so I don’t have to enter things twice like I would on my paper planner.

Anyway, I’m wading in. We’ll see.

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  1. I love my iPad but hated the iPhone. Hoping this app will be available for Android sometime. Using it on my tablet just isn’t practical.

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