Monthly 4 Review + Test Drive a Quo Vadis

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Key Points

  • Quick and efficient view of your entire month
  • 18 Months (July – December)
  • Anno-Planning for the current and next year
  • Notes on the bottom and side for extra thoughts
  • Thin portable monthly planner
  • Tear-off corners for easy marking
  • 90g fountain pen friendly paper
  • Size: 7 x 9 3/8”

The Monthly 4 is one of our more popular formats, especially with our younger users, and for good reason. Its thin body makes it easy to carry around either in a bag or in your hands and the large monthly format gives you plenty of room to write in. I used this format briefly when I first started using planners before moving to what worked better for me which was a weekly format (more on that next month!). But the Monthly 4 definitely left an impression in the time I used it and for the people who continue to use it.

It’s by far one of our longest spanning formats with 18 months of organizing goodness available. Along with our Anno-Planning system (hold that thought) the Monthly 4 is a powerhouse planner for those who like to see everything at once. Each month is laid out on 2 pages with 4 mini month calendars on the top and bottom corner of the right hand page.  I find the mini month handy for when I want to check what a specific date falls on and with 4 mini months (2 for the upcoming months and 2 for the previous months) it accomplishes that perfectly.

One drawback for me is that if you have a particularly busy day you may run out of room in the box to write in appointments. However you can take advantage of the notes section on the bottom for extra space or the side columns but this is a big reason why I use a weekly.

Back to that Anno-Planning! For those who have not used it before it is Quo Vadis’ unique system for organizing your entire year at a single glance. The year is laid out on 2 pages with the months lining the top and days dropping down. It’s quite useful for big priorities or annual events such as birthdays or anniversaries. It also already has major US holidays and a few other country’s holidays and religious holidays listed for your convenience.

All that said I’m actually finding myself becoming enamored with this format all over again after spending the last month with it. Maybe I will have to keep this in my rotation from now on!

Want to try the Monthly 4 for yourself? We are giving away three (3) 2013-2014 editions of the Monthly 4. Enter at the link below to Test Drive a Quo Vadis! Submissions close February 3rd with the 3 lucky winners announced on February 4th

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