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I’ve spent so long in tiny urban kitchens that I just assume I can’t “afford” to give up space for something that only does one job unless there’s really no other way to get it done (or unless, as with my apple corer, the difference between owning and not owning it affects whether or not I’m willing to cook, in this case large batches of applesauce).

However, the solutions geek in me applauds the specificity of things that are designed to accomplish a particular thing: a good scouring pad, an effective olive pitter, a cleverly designed sink caddy, and the like. And as in the kitchen, so in the rest of the house… hence my unrequited romance with the Container Store, which to me represents not so much the promise of a well-organized house so much as a well-categorized one, with all a solution for every problem and all spaces optimally utilized. Why keep an ordinary sieve when a collapsible one fits so much more neatly into my cupboard? Why rustle around at the back of a dark cupboard for a spare tube of toothpaste when these handy roll-out shelves are available?

Mind you, I couldn’t “afford” to buy all this clever stuff in a financial sense, either. But I do admire it, even if I don’t like the idea of solving every problem with a product.

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