How do you ring in the new year?

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Holidays like New Year’s Eve are so much more manageable with traditions — especially in a city like New York, where revelers tend to get a bit crazy. For a few years, we went to a party at a friend’s loft, until it became too much of a burden and he stopped hosting it.

Now, we’ve developed a new tradition that’s a better speed for parents. Close friends whose children were born around the same time as my son was get together, get take-out, put the kids to bed, and toast the New Year around, oh, 10:30 or thereabouts. Then we all go to bed and hope we aren’t too tired at 6:00 the next morning, when those children start to wake up.

What are your New Year’s traditions?

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  1. Is there still going to be another planner giveaway? After the last one over 1 month ago you wrote there would be another one. But it never came, right?

    The same thing happened 1 year ago. It would help me plan a bit (the irony!).

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