Expecting The Unexpected

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Unexpected street sign

One of the best things about getting yourself organized is that you’re very rarely caught off guard by a task. Chances are you know your deadlines, appointments and chores well ahead of time. It’s a good feeling knowing you won’t get blindsided. However even the best planner and time manager cannot predict the future and the complicated unexpected events that enter our lives. Getting knocked off schedule could be by something as simple as getting the flu and all of a sudden you’re 2 days behind. Or it could be something much more serious and you’re knocked off course indefinitely.

That great big unknown factor is what makes planning difficult. There seems to be constant little things now a days that can add a minute here or there and before you know it you’re behind what you had to get done. Reading an email when you get pulled off for another job you didn’t expect to do and then forgetting to respond to the email. That seems to happen every other day. So how do you expect the unexpected? How do you plan for something you don’t know will happen?

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