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This is a topic that comes up occasionally: would you want a completely customized planner?

I’m talking about more than just a custom cover. If you could build your planner from the ground up, what would it look like?

We had a lot of great comments on the Monthly Pages post, so it seems that monthly pages are important. Would you include them in your custom planner?

If you were able to customize your weekly or daily pages, how would you like to do it? Would you prefer to choose a format from a selection of pre-made templates? Or would you like to design and tweak your own pages for printing?

What else would you include? Notes pages? Holidays? Other designs?

Other things to think about: does the paper matter? Would you choose cream or white paper? Do you want the paper to be thick and fountain pen friendly, or thin to result in a lighter book? What about cover materials and types of binding?

And of course, the bottom line. Customized planners are more expensive than off-the-rack ones. How much would you be willing to pay for a completely customized planner?

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