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Is Wattpad the new bookshelf, or is it a community of storytellers? If I was a publishing house, including Amazon, I would get a little nervous about them. Reading on Wattpad is free. Established and aspiring writers can upload and self-publish their stories on Wattpad.


Wattpad, a Canadian start-up that advertises itself as the world’s largest storytelling community, houses ten million stories on their site. They can be read for free–home computer or via an app for reading on the go. The CEO, Allan Lau,  said Wattpad is now the world`s largest community for sharing stories: every day 80,000 to 120,000 uploads, covering more than 20 genres and 30 languages, are shared.

A great article about the Wattpad story appeared in Toronto’s daily newspaper, The Globe and Mail, on November 13, 2103.  Read it here.

Mr. Lau says that, consistent with our “remix culture,” readers are becoming involved creatively by “accessorizing” stories – contributing photos, fan art and even trailer videos to them.

Has digital changed readers more than books?

Go to Wattpad.

Allan Lau’s blog – Making Things Out of Nothing.



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