Time management Mondays: Closets and planned obsolescence

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First things first: I’m very pleased to report that I cleaned our closet yesterday!

We moved into this house at the tail end of winter, and we quickly gated off the staircase beneath which the closet was located to avoid baby related mishaps. So it’s been a good three seasons since anyone ventured in for more than a jacket, and the shelves were a haphazard jumble of hats, gloves, scarves, and baby gear.

After a frustrating morning trying to find the things I needed to go pond skating, however, I was determined to remedy that.

As I sorted and tossed and threw things into organized bins, I thought about an article I’d read about iPhones and planned obsolescence: the idea that devices are designed to fail after a certain amount of time, forcing you to buy a new one. Organizational schemes are like that too, especially when growing families are involved… you design a scheme that works for now, and in a year or two, it will break.

In Red Hook — where our “closet” was actually just a couple of hooks on the wall — my husband and I kept our hats and gloves together in one big bin. Now that we’re also responsible for bundling up our son, we don’t have the patience to dig through each other’s stuff, so we have our own bins, along with a hanging wall pocket that holds our most frequently used items. Blankets were a must-have last year, before our son was mobile. Now that he can walk, the blankets are stacked away neatly on a relatively inaccessible shelf, while the boots are closer to hand.

Next year, I’m sure I’ll discover other things that will shift.

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