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It feels like yesterday that I just flipped the calendar from 2012 to 2013 and now it’s almost another year. How has your relationship with time changed as you grow older? Maybe because it is winter it feels like the days are much shorter and before you know it a week has past and another blink of the eye and a month has gone. But that’s not possible right? Time is linear and does not move fast or slow it just moves. For me that most important thing that I’ve learned from getting organized is that it keeps time controlled. I know what I have to do and when it has to be done. I can stay on track without having to worry about did I forget something because I’ll have it written down.

I forget more things then I remember and as convenient as typing a note on my phone may be, I think that feeling of convenience actually stops me from typing in a reminder because for some strange reason I believe if it’s so convenient I can simply remember it for later. I do not remember it later. This is where the value of a paper planner, to me, comes in. It forces me to write notes, appointments and deadlines down because if I’m carrying a desk planner with me I better actually use it. Speaking of which, I’ve been holding on to this for 3 months now and since it is December I can finally break out my new 2014 Trinote!

When do you like to buy your refill for the new year?

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