Journal of a Soul

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Pope John XXIII kept a diary he called “Journal of a Soul.” From the age of 14 until his death at the age of 82, he jotted down in school composition books and on odd pieces of paper the record of his spiritual growth.   His journal was published as a book of the same name in 1965–two years after his death.

Fr. John Crossin, writing on the U.S, Conference of Catholic Bishops blog, offered this interesting comment which I took to heart: “I find some of Pope John’s difficulties consoling as well. He was distracted in prayer; he was disquieted in not being able to keep up on all he had to do; he kept falling into the same faults.” I can relate to that perfectly in all areas of my life.

Knowing that my favorite pope (although Pope Francis is close beyond) had the same problems I do gives me some comfort and support.



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