Friday linkshare and review roundup

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Close on the heels of Wednesday’s revelation that procrastination is good for you, here are a few additional sources of distraction.

  • The New Republic‘s Ben Crair investigates how digital devices have upped the ante on punctuation. Don’t want a 15-year-old to think you sound angry? Forego the period… or use an ellipses or an exclamation mark. Oy!
  • Brian and Rachel Goulet reflect on the four-year anniversary of Goulet Pens. “We’ve taken our company from a mom and pop website, a laptop, and a couple of bookcases in our dining room, to a 12,000sf office/warehouse with a team of 18 people in 4 years.” This time, the exclamation mark is merited: congratulations!
  • The Pen Addict’s Jeff Abbott reviews the Clairefontaine 1951 notebook. His verdict: “one of my favorite notebooks to carry around and use.” Period? I’m having too much fun with this.

All right, now get back to work.

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