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Some new comments to an old Rhodia Drive post called the issue of ruling width to our attention again. Many Rhodia Drive commenters preferred a narrow ruling, and our recent correspondents were no exception. Wrote one:

I’ve been desperate to find narrow ruled paper that’s good for fountain pens for so long I would probably WEEP for joy if I could find it! I see it a lot in small notebooks, but I prefer the larger ones. I typically use Moleskine 8—10 notebooks even though I don’t like their paper much just because the size and the 5mm ruling are perfect.

As Karen pointed out to me in an email, Clairefontaine offers some French ruled notebooks — the leftmost swatch in the above image — whose lines are 8mm apart with 2mm horizontal subdivisions that could help define a narrower ruling for those so inclined. They are available wirebound, staplebound, and clothbound in two sizes, medium and large. Writer’s Bloc carries them.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it certainly offers more immediate gratification for those disinclined to wait until Rhodia comes out with a narrow-ruled book of their own.

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  1. I may be in the minority, but I HATE narrow ruled paper and can’t use it. The wider-ruled, the better. Luxurious wide lines are as difficult to find as the narrow lines, I think. Maybe even more so.

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