Flu Season

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I’ve recently had battles with the flu (I won) which knocked me out for a few days and while I was rendered useless I started thinking how this is going to completely ruin my schedule.

With the year quickly winding down I still have plenty to do to wrap up 2013 and missing even a day throws most people off. I had to find a way to stay on top of things remotely while I recovered. This was not going to be easy!

Luckily I had already planned the rest of December in my Trinote so there were no surprises. It’s a great (and new) feeling to know what needs to be done and when. I think knowing this even helped me recover faster as I did not have to worry if I was forgetting or missing out on something at work. How do you handle being sick and having work to do? Power through it or take the time to recover?

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