Do you send holiday newsletters?

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a holiday letter.

This morning, while driving to day care, I heard an ad for the New York lottery that featured comedian Louis Black and began by making fun of holiday newsletters (of course, sending lottery tickets would be so much classier).

I can’t say I’ve never made fun of some of the newsletters I’ve received, but as is generally the case with such traditions, they come from a good place… and I remember fondly even the ones that I’ve ridiculed, with their overlong descriptions of trips and children’s accomplishments and health-related overshares. Plus, it’s certainly an efficient way to catch up with people you don’t hear from very often.

Of course, I can’t even manage to get out a holiday card, much less an actual letter, so I also don’t feel qualified to go too far in criticizing a genre I’m not well-versed in. I couldn’t track down the ad online, but listen to this spot and you’ll get the idea.

Do you send holiday letters?

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  1. Yes we have done a two page (A4 size) letter now for nearly 30 years! They have evolved over the years. But more pictures now than text showing people what we have been up to. We don’t send them to everyone. Only those people who we don’t always hear from in the year, mainly these days people that aren’t on Facebook.

    I start things off by going back through my diary to remember exactly what we have been doing, expand on these notes, and my author wife Alison tends to finish it off and add her own notes and then we go to press!

    We don’t receive that many in return, but we get a lot of thank you comments in cards. We moved to France a few years ago, so showing people that our new life is succeeding is important!

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