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Are distractions good or bad?   I used to think they were bad, but now I don’t know. In some ways, I feel more creative with all kinds of things swirling around me to catch my eye.

I logged in to start writing this blog at 9:05 this morning, and here it is 2:30 pm and I’m finally starting to write. I have been derailed by distractions all morning – emails, multiple project demands, decisions, phone calls, searching for lost catalog notes, playing with an irresistibly cute golden doodle….the distractions pile up and up and I give in to all of them.

I often berate myself for my inability to focus completely. I AM very disciplined, but not when it comes to having a variety of things share my attention.

So the distractions keep coming, and while I don’t get something done when I first intended, I will get it done before it’s late.   I recently realized distractions tap into my creativity, probably by their chaos.   The same chaos contributes to the lack of focus.

I uncovered this artwork by artist and writer, Rick Belden.   It perfectly captures what “distraction” looks like for me.

What about you?   Are you able to manage or control your distractions and laser focus….or are they like wild horses?



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