2013: The year in stationery

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What were your best loved and most used pens, pencils, and paper in 2013? Did you find something new or stick to your regular rotation?

Everything seemed new to me when, in late April, I finally moved into my home office after months of temporary post-storm housing followed by weeks of renovation and boxes. There, finally, were all of my trusty Rhodia dot pads and Clairefontaine and Habana notebooks; there were my fountain pens and beautiful J. Herbin inks.

I also rediscovered the Rhodia meeting book in a big way. It’s now my default work notebook, and it never leaves my desk. I use it not just to keep track of meetings but to organize notes and to-dos for all the various projects I’m responsible for at any one time, blocking off the top “executive summary” part for a big, all-caps project description to make it easy to spot when I flip through trying to find it.

What about you?

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