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From time to time, especially in the fall, people show up at Exaclair thinking they can buy their planner or refill from us. We have our contact information in our datebooks primarily so people can get in touch to find a retailer, but some folks show up hoping we’re a store.   Sad to say, we’re not.

We do welcome visitors, and if you are visiting New York or are over in our neighborhood (the Flower district/Garment district) near Penn Station, you are welcome to visit. It would be best to call ahead to see if it’s a good time, but we are happy to talk to our customers in person as well as online.

Always feel free to call or email if you need some help locating a particular product; or have a complaint or question about any product.   I can be reached directly at, or 646-473-1754, ext. 117.



One thought on “Visiting Exaclair

  1. Hi Karen. Back in the 1970’s I worked for Hornby – UK’s biggest manufacturer of model railways and slot-car racing toys. I suggested that we should open a ‘factory outlet shop’ with a small exhibition. The idea was shot down in flames. ‘The retailers would protest’… ‘we are manufacturers not shopkeepers’ etc.
    The factory is still here in Margate – as a packing and distribution facility for Asian made products. Three changes of ownership on and it has … guess what? A highly successful and income generating tourist attraction in what used to be the staff canteen, now ‘The Hornby Visitor Centre’
    It can be infuriating to be so far ahead of the game, but satisfying to know you were right all along!
    So … if visitors expect to buy … why not a small corner that you could use to sell, for example, a goody bag of your most popular products so that they go away happy? You could offer at various price levels $10, 20, 50 according to content.
    It is ten years since my last visit to NY and as I am now too ancient to do long haul flights we shall not meet any time soon.
    Thanks for an always interesting blog and, Happy Christmas wishes.

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