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Walk in New York - Vintage - Postcard - Midtown Skyscrapers at Night

In the last few years I have gotten interested in vintage postcards.   I always see them at antique shows, flea markets (like the West 25th Flea Market every weekend in NYC) and sometimes yard sales and old junk shops.

I collect vintage postcards for my town, Greenport.   I love to see the steamers and yachts and fishing boats from days gone by. This Christmas I’m giving my son a framed vintage postcard of Riverside Park back in 1906.   Since he runs in the park he’ll appreciate the view is slightly changed but still recognizable.

Antique postcards will also be incorporated in my family history project.   They’ll add some color, flavor and settings to go along with the black and white and sepia photos.

Anyone else a collector?   Any tips for the rest of us?   Are the best buys on eBay or elsewhere?


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