Time Management Mondays: Take a break and get things done

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September 4, 2011

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with weekends as a parent — being mindful of taking a break and scheduling fun things like visits to friends, parks, and playgrounds.

What that doesn’t do is leave me with much time to get stuff done around the house. Small tasks, like laundry, I can take care of while my son plays nearby, or after he’s gone to bed. It’s been several months since we finished construction on my home office, however, and I’ve still painted only one wall. That’s why it was so great, yesterday, to have my in-laws’ help for a few hours while we puttied holes and installed functional lights in the closet.

Of course, doing chores only served to remind us how many more we need to do. On the plus side, it was amazingly satisfying, especially since we haven’t accomplished that much since… well, since he was born.

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