Time management Mondays: Food trucks

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Best Fried Chicken EVAR!

I knew food trucks were popular in New York City, though because I don’t work in Manhattan, I don’t frequent them very often. (I did, however, often eat at the Red Hook Lobster Pound’s bricks and mortar outlet when we still lived there.)

We’re in Austin now for a wedding, where the food truck culture is so intense and awesome that it makes me determined to try to recapture something of the same spirit when we get home. The weather has been unusually inhospitable (cold, rainy), but what I love about the trucks where we’ve gotten meals that they manage to be efficient and joyful at the same time.

Menus are pared down to a few choices, focusing both chef and customer on whatever’s most delicious and fresh. The open air setting encourages you to stick around outside to eat — and, I’ve found this past weekend, stretches your definition of what eat-outside weather actually is, usually with surprisingly pleasant results.

A bonus for cold weather eaters: the lines are very manageable!

Are there food trucks where you live? What are your favorites?

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