Organization For The Disorganized

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I am not an organized person. Anyone who knows me will not find that particularly surprising. Before I joined Exaclair, Inc. / Quo Vadis Planners in 2012 I was hopelessly chasing forgotten ideas and missed appointments. Because of this and because I work with planners every day I decided it was time to pick one up and try to organize myself.

Just one problem however, which one should I use? We have any format a person could want in just about every size a person would need so picking one out was not easy. How I decided to pick a planner was to evaluate how I currently organize (very loose use of the word) my day. I like having the appointment times available to use but also a place to jot down quick thoughts and notes for a particular event. I eventually settled on the Minister. It was the right size for me since I do not find the pocket size to have enough space and the format seemed open enough where I can put all the information I’ll need.

After a year of using a planner I can see why people have stuck with it through so many years and changes in technology. It’s almost peaceful to see your week laid out in front of you, even when it’s filled with things you have to get done. Knowing what’s ahead allowed me to stay focus on the task at hand. I’m still not a very organized person outside of the office (just look at my room…better yet don’t) but I’m working on it and while I enjoyed my experience with the Minister, I think I’ll continue experimenting to find the perfect planner for me and use the Trinote next.

How many planners, calendars and systems did you try before settling on the “perfect” one?

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  1. Sunny,

    I spent a number of years as a Disorganized Person before finding a planner setup that works for me. Keeping track of my class schedule and assignments was easy enough at university, but I was unprepared for the level of organization and advanced planning my career required of me. Added personal and family obligations sent my calendar into a nosedive. I’ve tried a number of solutions over the years, from the Quo Vadis Minister (verdict: loved the layout, but not enough space for notes) to the Levenger Circa line (too flexible and I’m not disciplined enough to not constantly fiddle with it). For the past three years I’ve used the Trinote and feel as though I’m finally in control. It’s gotten me through the final year of graduate school, a house move, planning a wedding, a job search and move into a new career, and the arrival of a new baby.

    I still find that the Trinote (or any weekly planner for that matter) lacks the ability to handle long-term or undated notes. I’ve used a Rhodia pad for these in the past, but I’m adding something new for 2014. I’m using the address book insert that came with my Trinote, but I have relabeled each of the 15 tabs. Six are used for monthly planning and goals (1 page per month), one tab is for upcoming 2015 plans, another tab is for a life goals/bucket list, and the remaining tabs for general reference notes that don’t fit anywhere else, arranged A-Z. This should provide me with a balance of the weekly planning, monthly and long-term goals, and a convenient place to keep random information such as insurance policy numbers, family info, and the dates of my car’s last oil change.

    Is this overkill? Perhaps for many people it is. But for me, it’s a customized solution that is quickly becoming the perfect planner.

    • Wow! That is a wonderful system you’ve set up there. I think I’m going to enjoy using the Trinote this upcoming year it looks like the perfect format right now since I am not nearly as busy as you are! But that’s an interesting way to use the included address book for sure and I’ll have to write that one down for future use. Thank you and congratulations on the new baby!

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