Is My Calendar Off?

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I have seen a couple of things recently that make me think my calendar must be off.

About three weeks ago, even before Halloween, I saw Christmas lights, decorations and hoopla at BJs, a store that I sometimes shop.   Soon after the Salvation Army started ringing bells outside Penn Station and Grand Central Station and the subway panhandlers have started to wish everyone ” Happy Holidays.” Isn’t this a little early?  

Having my coffee Saturday morning I looked out my window to see….two robins hopping around the dead leaves on the lawn.   Robins? Now? They’ll be frozen in about a month. What’s going on?

What I am seeing doesn’t make sense against my calendar.

I do think my annual holiday grumpiness over the abuse and commercialization of Christmas has started earlier.   Now, I have added worry about global warming or some such environmental change which is keeping the robins in New York State for the winter.

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One thought on “Is My Calendar Off?

  1. TOTALLY agree with you about the stores putting up Christmas stuff FAR too early. As a matter of fact, the other week I was joking that it was their fault we had a sub-freezing night or two in October, because they were rushing the seasons along.

    As far as the robins go, I’m intrigued — my OH and I were on Long Island a few years ago, and saw the most robins per square yard that we’ve ever seen ANYWHERE. We get quite a few here in MD, but they’re usually at least one every 15 to 20 feet when there are a large number. This, though, was more like one ever 1.5 feet! Perhaps there are just so many it takes them a while to leave?

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