Folders or Folders?

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folder or folder

In my never ending quest to stay organized I have stumbled upon an interesting decision. Do I stick with keeping all my documents and files in folders on my computer or do I print them out (or simply write them down instead) and keep them in a physical folder?

This comes up especially when the documents are sensitive. How much do I really trust my computer? And with the advances of cloud services, like Google docs, it’s extremely easy to access information even when you’re not in front of your computer. In a perfect world I would rather keep my private information, like passwords, in places only I can access but this makes accessing this information a bit more troublesome. But isn’t that kind of the point?

So the question comes down to ease of use and access or a sense of relative security. Knowing me I will cave and stick with the folders on my computer and the use of cloud services but maybe I’ll also keep a real folder around me just in case. I guess you win again Google.

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