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digital paper

We’re living in an increasingly digital dependent world.

For us in the paper business this has never been more true and we at Exaclair are not immune to this evolution of technology. In some ways we have conceded to this pressure by creating our own app, Life Noted, but we have also never been more determined to make sure quality paper products are still widely available.

And the truth is paper will never go away. There is no replacement for paper no matter how good a digital product may be. There is no substitute to the feeling of ink to pen and pen to paper. That feeling is certainly not coming from a stylus to tablet. The only difference today is that less and less people know that feeling.

Exaclair will continue the tradition of our parent company Exacompta Clairefontaine and provide great notebooks, planners and inks. And as much as we believe, and we do, in our foray into the digital world with our app it will never replace a Quo Vadis planner or Rhodia notepad. What we hope to accomplish is to bridge the gap between digital and paper for both to co-exist and even benefit from one another. So try our app Life Noted if you want an app that combines notes and calendars but also try a new planner or a new notebook and ink.

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