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Carnival Masks, Venice

Many thanks to all who entered our mystery ink contest — and thanks to those who weighed in with speculation and guesses about what, exactly, the “J” in J. Herbin stood for.

My favorite suggestion: Jacqueline (an appropriate suggestion from a Jackie). I’m fairly certain, though, that J. Herbin was a man — a woman sailor and ink maker in that era would have been so rare that I doubt her name would have been forgotten — but who knows… Jean and Jacques were our most popular suggestions.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted if I ever learn more. Who, then, are the winners of our mystery bottles of ink? From my own sailor’s cap I pulled the following names:

  • Bridgett B.
  • G.G. G.
  • Soren M.T.

If your name’s on this list, be on the lookout for an email from us, and a package in the mail with your prize.

If not, check back… well, tomorrow, actually, when I’ll post the next contest.

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