3 Reasons to Upgrade to Life Noted Premium

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We’re excited that so many of you have tried our app Life Noted (and for those hold outs, what are you waiting for?! Here are 5 reasons you should try it for free today). When we first started out developing the idea for this app we made sure that we could offer you something that was easy to use, intuitive and helpful. We also made sure that we offered this to you for free because we believe in what we have created. And while the Life Noted free version is perfectly fine there are definite advantages that come with the Premium version, as some of you who use it already know, and here are my personal 3 favorites.

  • Exporting your notes and events to a printable and share-able PDF file


For most of us, we stare at screens constantly whether it’s at work or at home and sometimes it’s just too much for your eyes! I know for me anyways looking at a bright screen for probably 10-12 hours a day (with glasses no less!) puts a real strain on them. That’s why I love the ability to export my information in Life Noted onto a PDF and print my notes, photos and events on a nice large 8 x 11 piece of paper. The format is easy to read as well and it’s great for archiving!

  • Custom tags

15b - Image of create tag

Look, I’m not the most organized person so having the ability to create tags for every little part of my life helps me keep things in order where I can find them. Whenever I need something that I forgot I can simply search under the tag where it might be and sure enough it’s there.

  • Unlimited notes

1b - Image of Expanded Notes view

With the free version of Life Noted you’re limited to 140 characters per note and 3 notes a day. This just won’t do. I like adding photos and videos to my day along with my little notes and reminders and 3 notes is just not enough. Our goal was to combine the convenience of digital mobility with the freedom that paper provides so why limit yourself?

Bonus reason and maybe the most important one¦ NO ADS!

To learn about all of Life Noted‘s features visit our website:  http://www.exaclair.com/app.shtml  or watch our video:

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