Writing As Meditation

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“Writing as Meditation” will be a new  weekly column for Quo Vadis Blog.   Posts will feature  writing as a spiritual, religious or therapeutic practice in any combination.   Sketching or doodling can be part of pen or pencil to paper, too.   Your suggestions for resources, and your own stories, ideas and practices to share with others are welcome.

I got started with this practice one Friday evening bus trip from the city to my weekend home.   I used the time to make notes and plot out my coming week.   I found this exercise made me feel centered and at peace, quieted my mind, and stopped the “busyness” of the week.   The “slow” writing with a pen and paper helped me to contemplate and “take in” vs. my usual speeding through to get on to the next task.

Here is a simple and effective practice via Zen Pens.   It describes the “Qualities of Meditative Writing” and also offers “A Writing Meditation.”   I use this writing meditation when I get to my desk first thing  in the morning. While I find it hard to stay in the present moment,  concentrating on the stroke of each letter is a helpful discipline.



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