Why Use a Paper Planner? (If you already use your smart phone calendar)

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Geralin Thomas, a well-known and respected professional organizer, recently ran a contest on her Facebook page to raffle four (4) 2014 Quo Vadis Minister planners.   Geralin has used a Minister for many years and continues to do so.   I count it high praise if one of the best organized women in America feels the Minister is a helpful companion!

I was interested to read the comments of people who signed up to see if they could win a Minister. Many of them also use smart phone calendars.   Here is a sampling:

“I use both.   I use a lot of reminders on my electronic one. But I tend to go to my paper one first to jot things down ‘before I forget.'”

“I tend to think clearer about my day, week or month when having a pen in my hand. I take my time and plan ahead.   Digital is great for on the go items, quick notes or unexpected events but there is no substitute for the freedom paper provides. And it’s much easier on the eyes!”

“I use a paper calendar because I save ALL of them. I have saved calendars since 2002! I love looking back on my life!”

“I use a paper calendar because I like the tactile feel of writing and erasing! It reinforces the entry in my brain as well.”

“I use paper and electronic. I love the portability of the electronic but I love the tactility of he paper calendar. I constantly go back and forth between the two and wish I could settle on one…haven’t been able to so far.”

Here is my take, as a strictly “paper person” who is now venturing into digital waters:   I am getting tired of lugging around both my iPhone and my Sapa X and loose notes.   The iPhone has the advantage when I’m out and about in that I can call, note, text, search and take a photo on one device.   I find that very convenient and handy, and helps me to be more spontaneous.

But my paper planner still has some emotional and psychic advantages:   my hand-writing and they way I order my notes are more “mine” vs. the standard font and regimentation found in digital. The paper way is more individual. I also find myself rebelling from constantly being pushed to change, buy something new or upgrade.   I don’t mind change, but I don’t want to feel pushed all   the time.

What do you feel?   How do you utilize (or not) paper planners with other systems?


6 thoughts on “Why Use a Paper Planner? (If you already use your smart phone calendar)

  1. I use iCloud Calendar for color-coded family planning, Outlook via Exchange for work appointments, and both are viewable via my iPhone and iPad.

    But when it comes to planning out my work day, and scheduling when I’m away from a desktop, I use the Visual to record future appointments (which get entered in Outlook back at my desk). And at home we use the Amy Knapp wall calendar with color coding for everyone to add future plans. Those are entered into iCloud at the beginning of each month.

    I just find mobile devices better for viewing than entering, although I love the alarm features of electronics.

  2. I also use both – I keep a shared, electronic calendar with my husband (Cozi), I have an Outlook calendar for work stuff and I keep my master to-do list online, but everything goes into my A5 Filofax, which I use as my key planning tool. All diary entries – meetings, appointments, birthdays, books I am reading, gym sessions, etc – go in here, then I schedule in tasks from my online task list. I keep goals, notes, and projects in my Filofax too.
    I think you can see data much more clearly in a Filofax than on a phone, but a phone is fine for quick stuff when you are out and about. Phones are also brilliant for reminders, repeating items and alarms.
    I don’t think it is about using one or the other, but using the best of both to create a system that works really well for you.

  3. I use both electronic and paper planning methods. I rely my electronic calendar for recurring appointments and reminders. I still write my day out each day on paper. I love the feeling of pen on paper. I feel that writing down my schedule and a notes helps me plan and remember my day.

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