Uses for Old Planners

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At the end of the year we always have some leftover planners.   The remaining stock, except for a few samples, is destroyed and recycled.   However, I am wondering if there is a tiny enough market to sell old planners for other uses.

Over the years, a number of people have called or emailed asking to purchase old planners.   Here are some of the uses cited:   for tax purposes; to reconstruct a cancer diary that had gone missing; outline a storyline in the actual year; good scratch paper for daily lists; for use as a sketchbook (the book lay flat, the paper was fine and the cost was a fraction of a regular sketchbook.)

How would you use an old planner?   Would you buy one?   If so, would you be willing to pay $1 plus shipping?




18 thoughts on “Uses for Old Planners

  1. I am desperate for an old planner & am on a time line, & would be happy to pay.
    Could you contact me right away about this? Thank you Elizabeth

  2. I use an old planner as a “birthday book” where I record people’s birthdays and what I’ve bought for them in various years.

  3. I probably would (depending on international shipping rates)…. and they seem like a great way to sample or test a planner without stress or feeling bound to it for a year!

  4. that is a very interesting idea. I have a few old ones in various formats/brands I had purchased but not used during that year and have been trying to make work now…

    I think it depends on the format and intended use. I can see myself using a day-per-page for a random prior year as my daily scratch notes … the “wrong” day [of the week] wouldn’t interfere too much and its toss-away (to the recycling bin) intent would help me to just scribble things down…

    i have several weekly ones that I should just recycle because I find the wrong dates interfere too much when I try to reuse them.

    I hadn’t thought about using one for storyline planning. Hmm.. more ideas!

    $1 + USPS flat rate envelope (or cheaper) sounds VERY reasonable to me.

  5. I would totally use it to write a diary format novel! Maybe of my cat, maybe a snarky one OF the diary, but for $1+ship, you don’t feel too bad, tossing it when you decide it wasn’t going to be the great American novel!

    • Omg I love the cat diary idea. It’s amazing. I just got a really nice planner but accidentally grabbed the wrong year. I don’t want to get rid of it because I do love it

  6. hmmmmmm, I have used them as sketchbook/altered book. I would have to think about the purchase of one since the ones I have used have been found in some discard pile.(I love my found objects) Interesting marketing idea 🙂

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