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saturday  Hello world! We are going to start having blog post throughout the weekend and I will be the blogger on Saturdays in a new series “T.G.I.S. (Thank Goodness It’s Saturday)”. Who is this I’m talking about? Well, I am Sunny and I have been working at our Exaclair office here in New York City since 2012. You may or may not have seen my name pop up randomly at times but now you’re stuck with me every Saturday so get excited.

I am going to have a relatively loose format for my posts as far as topics and I’ll leave the reviews and time management to the experts, Leah and Karen. Before I started at Exaclair I had no idea how to even begin organizing and planning my day. I think many people are intimidated by this task because it can seem impossible trying to plan weeks and months ahead of time. I know I was and still am. So for those looking for a good chuckle at an amateur trying to stay organized and for those in the same position as me I hope you enjoy our new weekend segment.

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