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We could not be happier with the enthusiastic reception our new iOS7 app has received.

However, we have also heard from our customers with Android smart phones and tablets why is Life Noted not available for them?  In a word: budget.   Our initial development funding permitted us entry into one market.  We decided on Apple and iOS because historically more people buy apps on their market place, and all our products need to be commercially successful.

If we succeed in the App Store, we plan on having Life Noted available in every app market place worldwide, with Android being at the top of that list.   We also plan on releasing Life Noted in other languages.

Though we are now in the App Store, we remain firmly committed to the paper business as well.   Our focus is the same: to provide essential tools to our customers to help them enjoy living and keep what’s important close at hand.

The app is a wonderful opportunity for us to reach out to our former customers, and also introduce new people to our heritage brands.

3 thoughts on “Life Noted for Android

  1. Hi Sharon yes our goal is to make Life Noted available across all devices. I wish I could give you a timeline on when that would be but unfortunately I cannot.

    If our iOS version is a hit, which we expect it will be, you will start seeing the app available in other markets!

  2. Great news! As an Android guy, I was meaning to ask about a port to Android. Hopefully, the iOS version will be a big hit.

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