Focus on formats: the Space 24

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The Space 24 is the larger counterpart to the Space 17 that I use, though the layout for Saturday and Sunday is slightly different. Still, if you like lots of room for notes, flexible spaces for each day, and a still relatively small footprint on your desk and in your bag, this is something you should consider.

Here’s what others have said…

  • “It’s a fabulous planner and I’m glad I finally got one.” – Laurie at Plannerisms
  • “I use the weekly part with slots to write in those few appointments, and to block out time for larger todos. At the top of the daily space I note any important information for that day, like a birthday or unusual work hours of my husband. Then on the right you see the tasks I have to do for that week. Having them there keeps them visible, and I get a complete overview of the week and what I still have left to do. The times printed on the page give me the opportunity to block out larger amounts of time, and to see how much time is left open in the week.” – Paulien, also at Plannerisms
  • “I may have finally found the perfect little book for my calendar, notes, and other things like address and phone numbers, receipts, and future planning notes.” – Bearcat at the FPN
  • “I’ve grown fairly fond of this planner. It’s super convenient to carry around and perfect for a bag. The paper is fountain pen friendly which means generally all ink friendly as long as it dries. It has all the bells and whistles of a typical planner and a little extra.” – Aisazia at Ethereal Voices
  • I love this particular planner because it has a huge notes section for each week. This is perfect for writing blog ideas during the week! I also write down recipes I’m thinking about making and products that I have received on this part of the page. It also has an 8 AM to 9 PM schedule for each weekday. Some days I have a set schedule and use the hourly lines, but on days that I don’t have a set schedule I can just write a checklist the times aren’t large enough to be too distracting.” – Frugally Green Mom
  • “There is an entire section for notes. I love that about this planner! I’m always in need of extra paper for notes, so having a large section to jot them down helps me tremendously.” – Brooke Anna at Mommy Does

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