Do you want darker colored covers?

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I’ve used a blue club cover for years, so I didn’t notice that we’ve gradually whittled down the assortment of colors we offer, eliminating, for instance, the orange that’s pictured above, the red, and the darker teal. The reasons are a combination of what sold, what materials became hard to find, and what colors were expected to be more or less in tune with the trends.

Trends, schmends, according to an email we received earlier in the week:

QUESTION: With only four colors to now choose from (vs. about fourteen in the past), why is every single color a screaming bright color? What happened to the DARK BLUEs? DARK GREENs? DARK RED/MAROONs? DARK BLACK? DARK BROWN? more conservative colors.

We do still offer black (you can find it on Paper Bistro if your local retailer doesn’t carry it), but it’s certainly true that the others are all very bright. Does this bother you? Would you prefer darker colors like our correspondent?

5 thoughts on “Do you want darker colored covers?

  1. I am a fan of the teal / jade club cover and would love to purchase a few to keep in stock for future use. Though I like the other bright options, I feel the dark or muted colors are definitely more professional.

  2. Yes, I prefer darker colors such as navy. The bright colors look nice, but can attract unwanted attention.

    The current cover I have for my Notor is a a brown Soya cover which works for me. I’m not sure if it’s still being made.

  3. I much prefer the darker tones, “jewel tones” as the previous member referred to…More professional looking, and older folk tend to use pen & paper more often. This should be a market-driven decision…Classic remains classic, and darker tones are just that…Regards, LeRoy

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