City sounds circa the 1920s

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Yelling, clanging, honking, street music: the sounds of New York in the 1920s aren’t too different in the abstract than what they are today. The particulars, of course, have changed, and it’s a pleasure to be able to hear them at this USC site called the roaring twenties — and to map the noise complaints that were generated over the course of just over three decades.

What’s your least favorite city noise? Car alarms are an obvious target, but I still feel a pang of annoyance every time I hear an ice cream truck jingle, played on near-continuous loops on summer Brooklyn evenings.

One thought on “City sounds circa the 1920s

  1. Least favorite is the bone-shaking bong bong bong of the overdriven base speakers at the party house behind me. The tenants have no discernible source of income, so they are free to blare without warning at any hour. I never thought I’d be grateful for their overgrown yard as a sound dampener

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