Where do you keep your Quo Vadis?

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Where do you carry or keep your Quo Vadis?   Purse, briefcase, tote, pocket, backpack, something else?

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I have a small navy blue canvas “make up” bag where I stash my Sapa X planner.   The bag holds all the stuff I need to go with my planner: scraps of notes, scribbled addresses, a Clairefontaine memo book, stray restaurant cards, doodles, various detailed to-do lists, and Psalm 91. I ended up putting the planner in a bag because I needed room for notes and mementos beyond what the cover sleeves and a rubber band holding it all could accommodate.

Both my planner bag and briefcase are Mills bags. Founded in 1880, and still run by the same family, Wm. J. Mills & Co. is the oldest continuously operating sailmaker in America.   A 5th generation currently runs the business.   In that it is reminiscent of Clairefontaine, founded in 1858 and still run by the same family.








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