Time management Mondays: Know thy limits

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At least for me, one of the hardest components of maintaining a work/life balance is knowing — and then setting and enforcing — limits. Accept too many projects and you risk doing a poor job or driving yourself nuts in the process. Deflect and you seem a shirker or, in the case of freelancers, you put your finances on the line.

Over the years, I’ve gotten much better at saying “no” (or, you know, I’m sorry, I’m too busy, this doesn’t sound like the right fit for me, and so on). But because I’m a scheduling optimist, I struggle to understand exactly how much is too much work. And then, if I’ve overcommitted, I struggle to walk back and juggle and prioritize, because it’s hard to work weekends with a one-year-old.

Do you ave you ever said no?

One thought on “Time management Mondays: Know thy limits

  1. I wasn’t always good at saying no but I learned quickly that I have limits and exceeding them is very bad for everybody, including myself. So I keep my calendar up to date and always check it before I say yes or no to anything. I even track my “cycle” because I know that around that time I feel pretty miserable. So if something comes up then, I say no. This strategy has served me well.

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