Time management Mondays: file it now

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A lot of my mail gets opened, reviewed, and then tucked away for future reference: bills, insurance statements, and the like.

For whatever reason, though, I rarely get through steps 1 – 3 all at once. I’ve got a pile of things on my desk that are waiting to be filed; the higher the pile grows, the less I feel like taking the time to get things where they need to be put. So I’m trying to implement a new habit, namely filing stuff right after I’ve opened it.

Sounds simple, right? After all, the marginal cost to file one piece of mail is not so high, and it’s not as though the organization scheme is so complex. On the other hand, my desk is not so cluttered as to be incapable of accepting another few tidily stacked pieces of paper, so I suspect it will be something of a struggle.

2 thoughts on “Time management Mondays: file it now

  1. One of the most valuable tools of time management I have ever learned is to handle a piece of paper just once, or as few times as possible. Once you pick it up, deal with it then – filing, paying, whatever. Picking it up just to move it elsewhere accomplishes nothing and you’ve wasted that increment of time and only created a distraction. This has cut WAY down on my backlog. It’s been useful around the house as well, i.e. dealing with clean laundry. Don’t just move it from dryer to basket or couch, etc to deal with later; once in your hands, finish the process straight to closet or drawer. Again, saves time and prevents mountains of wrinkled, clean laundry that the cats turn into makeshift beds. 😉 (Granted, the one-step isn’t possible everywhere but the philosophy of minimal shuffling and handling is still a key to efficiency.)

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