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Exaclair’s new app – Life Noted – is available for Free on the App Store –

In the spring of 2011 we first started to talk about the possibility of a Quo Vadis calendar app.   A number of Quo Vadis customers wrote to us and told us they left paper for digital, but still missed their Quo Vadis.

For those people, and new digital users who find us, I hope you will enjoy Life Noted.   Our goal–which we achieved–was to have a calendar with notes–one of the chief benefits of a paper calendar vs. a digital one.   But with our notes, you can also include a photo or a video, which really makes your calendar come to life.

The unique features of this app include:

  • See your daily notes, photos and events all on one screen
  • Add unlimited notes, photos & videos
  • Quickly & easily navigate between Today, Tomorrow, Week & Month View with a swipe and a tap
  • Search events & notes by customizable tags you create & assign
  • Create a PDF version of your calendar

Your feedback is welcome.   You can try the app for free or purchase the premium version for $2.99 with full functionality.   If you like the app, we would appreciate it very much if you would please give it a good review on iTunes.

We are committed to staying the course with our paper planners, but we also want to be there for former customers and others who are totally digital, or who go back and forth from one to another (like me).

Thank you for your support.

2 thoughts on “Life Noted Available on the App Store

    • Hi Vanessa. Thank you for the interest in Life Noted. We always have had an Android version in our minds but we do not have immediate plans for it unfortunately. If that changes in the future you’ll hear about it!

      In the meantime you can check out our other app available for Android – the ME Journal.

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