Focus on Formats: The Miniweek

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Though I’ve never used it, the Miniweek is among my favorite formats — not just because, at less than 3 by 4 inches, it’s small and cute, but because it offers a beautiful lesson about streamlining. Each day’s modest blank space is topped with day, date, and a set of italicized numbers that show how many days it’s been since the start of the year, and how many are left to go.

Obviously, this isn’t a planner for someone with a busy schedule, or who wants to write things out in detail (unless you have microscopic handwriting). You could, however, use it to record and remember thoughts or quotes of the day, or to plot out the year’s big priorities in weekly rather than monthly format. Tuck it into your pocket, your purse, or even your wallet: it goes anywhere.

I couldn’t find any blog posts about the Miniweek, but I did find several reviews on Amazon.

Do you use the Miniweek? What do you like or dislike about it?

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