Focus on formats: the Minister

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The Minister is one of our most popular formats, I’m guessing thanks to its compact size and big planning space. It’s a weekly book with tidy hourly slots that go from 8am to 9pm and are big enough to subdivide into half-hourly spaces, 90g white paper, and a removable address book in back. There are lots of different flavors, from recycled paper to an academic-year calendar and optional notes inserts. Meryl Streep is a fan.

There are tons of reviews of the Minister online, and since it’s never been the sort of planner that fits my own needs (I prefer blank days and room for lots of notes), I suspect the best thing I can do here is to admire the trimness of the book and get out of the way of people who have really figured out how to use this format, including:

I’m sure I’ve missed a number of good reviews, so please feel free to email me your favorites or post them in the comments.

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