When inspiration strikes

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Like many people, I keep a notebook with me to record ideas that occur to me when I’m out and about.

Lately, though, I find I need to do more than just jot them down: time permitting, I try to write things out more fully and even give a little bit of context so that I can remember the excitement of the flash when I sit down and try to recollect it. So rather than writing down just the actual words that pop into my head, I’ll try to work through how they might fit into whatever story or project that my snapshot mind intends for them. This saves me time in the long run, but more importantly it makes me more likely to implement the idea rather than perpetually postponing it.

Of course, if something occurs to me when I’m on the road with my son, these smart intentions fall by the wayside and I’ve got all I can do to capture the idea in shorthand.

What’s your strategy for recording those quick bursts of inspiration?

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  1. I’ve been trying knowledge maps and, when driving, letting them fly out the window. Need a voice activated phone to record these. Sigh.

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